We’re an Irish family food company based in Dublin. We love the good stuff, from food to health to life! For us that means the amazing potential of frozen, plant-based, & gluten-free food.

Our recipes are inspired by flavours from around the world and are designed to bring the freezer to life with fun, nutritionally balanced food that tastes good, does you good and brings some joy along the way.

Love the Good Stuff

Good food, good benefits, good times and
doing a bit of good where we can – That’s the good stuff

our values & sustainability

We believe that good business stems from good values. As a food company we know that we must do our best to do good by people and planet. Our plant based and frozen products are only a part of this journey. We try to incorporate sustainability into all parts of our business and are proud that all of our packaging is recyclable. All our products are made with care in Dublin where we work with local suppliers when we can to deliver high quality, tasty products with reduced environmental impact.

We are actively working on our Origin Green sustainability commitments to 2026, we achieved Gold Membership with our progress in 2022, there is always more to do.

Partnering with tree planting & reforestation projects globally is a core part of our values, we continue to plant trees locally to where our products are sold and globally where we can help to do some good.

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